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I Must've Made A Wrong Turn Somewhere

Granted, this is not my favorite peice I've ever done, but here it is nonetheless.  I had the idea for this poem when I saw the movie Even Money, when the guy is talking about how everyone wants more of something. Combining that and my sense of humor, I came up with this. Enjoy.

I must've made a wrong turn somewhere...

There is something we all constantly seek.

Though some of us know not what it is, we always live for it.

For what is life, if not the death of simplicity and birth of confusion?

Many theories form, each different, each unwhole, as where we came from; where we go.

But each is just a guess, as we have noe-one's word besides our own.

Perhaps, as evolution dictates, my oldest ancestor was, in fact, a fish.

Maybe, as the bible dictates, my greatest grandfather was first a hole full of dirt.

Or possibly, as my sense of humor dictates, one fateful day of unexistance, mankind burst forth from a pile of gray slop. And so, the world was born.

But what drives our bodies to live, to breath, to move; our souls?

If so, what binds them to our gory, pulsating hearts and somewhat useless brains?

Nobody's forcing them, as far as we know.

I sometimes like to think that, one day, they were all out for a good laugh and the joke went horribly wrong.

Unless, of course, after all these years of companionship, they simply feel obliged to stick to us and make sure the mistakes we make aren't too consequential

Or maybe, considering the last few generations of people, they are dragged kicking and screaming from their nice pool of soul-mush by their cruel soul-mush parents trying to convince them that, "Hey, its not that bad..."

If I'm right, then this is not the only life in which our parents pointlessly (and mindlessly) lie to us, supposedly for our own good.

But seeing as we (my body, soul, pencil, and this peice of paper) are stuck here for the time being, I find myself with nothing better to do than join the rat race and begin my own search for more.

Because there is something we all constantly seek.

Though some of us know not what it is, we always live for it; live for more.

More money, more power, more love, more skill, more admiration, more life.

And seeing as we're all stuck here for the time being, we join each other, band together, and help each other in our search for more.

And so humans live, dragging each other kicking and screaming through the trials and tribulations of life.


June 2008

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