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The Eternal Flame of the I Suck Abyss

Where you will be forced to read my writing

13 April 1994
Well, I'm 14 and I like to write. Like, alot. Some of it's not very good, but I do it anyway. Mostly Twilight Fanfics, because that's what I started out with and is a style I feel comfortable with. But I've recently branched into doing my own original stuff alot, and that's going well. I'm pretty sure I want to write when I grow up. Also act. Acting is fun. I'm a fabulous actress if I don't say so myself. I absolutely love going to NYC. I live about and hour away, but I can get there by train or bus. I have yet to make my first solo-trip there without parental, eh, presence. I doubt that'll happen anytime soon though. I also really want a quad and a dirtbike. I probably couldn't ride for my life, but it'd be fun to try nonetheless. I'm told I'm obnoxious very often, which I daresay I agree with. I co-own a Twilight fan forum mostly based around skit writing. It branched off of the Twilight Lexicon forum's Skits Thread. Its where people come and write skits with our favorite characters in them. Recently people have been adding themselves in the skits along with random characters, and its gotten kind of out of hand. Ah, well. I also talk to much.